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Special Guests

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Meet voice actor Matthew David Rudd at Final Boss Con! Matthew will be signing autographs and selling merchandise. 

Known for his voice work on Jujutsu Kaisen (Panda), My Hero Academia (Shishido), Tower of God (Rak Wraithraiser), Blue Lock (Shoei Barou), Fire Emblem (Hugh), and many more!


Autographed Collectors Cards - $20

Autographed Prints - $40

Autographed Holographic Prints - $50

Custom T-Shirts - $45

Custom Jerseys - $55

Autographed Pops/Figures - $60

*Prices subject to change.

Check out his IMDB page! 

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Blaine will be joining us for a Panel at Final Boss Con to talk about his work with Land & Sea, BattleTech, and being a New York Times Bestseller.

Mr. Pardoe is an award-winning author of numerous books in the true crime, science fiction, military non-fiction, paranormal, and business management genres.

He has been an author and designer in the gaming industry since 1985. He has authored numerous science fiction novels in the BattleTech/MechWarrior universe. Outside of the gaming industry, he is an accomplished historian and bestselling author in the military history, business management, and true crime genres.


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Once upon a time, there were zombies. Then, John Russo ( also known as Jack Russo) entered the game. With over 50 years in the horror genre spanning back to the 1968’s release of Night of the Living Dead and still going strong with the Uncle John franchise John has helped innovate horror as we know it! With having created the Flesh Eating Zombie he’s turned a concept, into an apocalypse! Having movies like Return of the Living Dead, The Majorettes, and Midnight in between his first film, and all of his current projects, there’s no doubt he’s a pioneer of horror. He continues to pave the way by teaching with students all over the world! In his words; he puts his pants on like everybody else, drinks Budweiser, and loves a good hot dog so he’s just a regular guy. But if you give him 10 minutes to talk, sing, or tell jokes- you’ll find he’s anything but!

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