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Cosplay Contest

Stage Upper Gaming Gym

Register in Upper Gym at the Final Boss Con booth by 2:30 pm  Look for the event signup banner

As always, the FBC Cosplay Contest is free to all who wish to enter with CASH prizes as well as trophies created and donated by Once More With Feeling Shop. The contest will take place on the stage in the Upper Gaming Gym. Cosplayers will be able to register for the contest the day of the convention, but not before. 

Changes for 2024!

  1. Our Cosplay Director will help you register and give you a number at the event.

  2. We will have four different judges at this year’s event. The lowest score will be dropped from each cosplayer's score during the judging contest.

  3. We have three categories this year.

Novice- This category is for people who are just starting with cosplay and have never won a cosplay contest before or won a induvial award. They must have been in fewer than five contests. 

1st Place $75 & Trophy    2nd place $25    

Journey Cosplayer- This category is for cosplayers who have been in five or more cosplay contests but have never won first place. They can win induvial awards as long as its less then 4 ( Best in show, best Prop, Best wig, ect.)

1st Place $100 & Trophy       2nd Place $25        

Master Class- This contest category is for anyone who has ever won a cosplay contest or received 4 or more  individual awards in their cosplay career. If you join this group, you'll also have a chance to talk about your cosplay on stage. You can show your cosplay early if you want during the optional pre-judging. If you have any special information about your cosplay you would like to share, we encourage you to bring it along. Remember to sign up by 2:30 pm if you choose to participate in the pre-judging. You'll get a 5–10-minute time slot. This is optional; you don't have to do it if you don't want to.

1st Place $150 & Trophy       2nd Place $50

  1. Accuracy: How accurate is the cosplay to the character? Details, proportions, the colors, and textures are considered in the scoring

  2. Technic/Craftmanship: how were the materials used to create the cosplay? Higher diversity in materials and techniques will score higher here  

  3. Hair Styling and Makeup (if applicable) 

  4. Finish: the overall effect of the cosplay. Originality in choosing a character and WOW factor for the general presentation



Subject to change
  • All Cosplay participants must be registered attendees of the convention.

  • The same costume CAN NOT win more than once at FINAL BOSS CON.

  • Contestants will walk on stage when announced and have 10-15 seconds to pose for pictures and move on.

  • NO blatant nudity/adult-related content. Please use some discretion with your character, props, and presentation.

  • Your entry must be finished before you get to the line-up hallway. No sewing, gluing, spray painting, welding, or other construction work is allowed backstage. However, the final assembly of large pieces and/or props and unexpected repairs will be allowed.

  • Participants in the contest understand there may be a use of video and photo images.

  • All contestants must be able to move their costumes on their own. So please no 80 lb wings or giant mecha unless you can walk upstairs in it.

  • It’s okay for entrants in the Novice or Journey category to have help from a relative/friend, but they should have made at least 35% of the costume themselves. The helper does not need to be present, but the contestant must be honest with judges about the extent of the involvement anyone else had in the construction of their costume. Master category contestants are expected to make 85% of their costumes.

  • Audience members are not allowed to run up to the stage area for any reason.

  • Audience members should be courteous and respectful. Please do not boo or shout negative things to cosplay contestants.

  • The Cosplay Director or judges have the right to eliminate any entry from the competition on the basis of taste, danger to the audience, building, or yourself, violation of any of the above rules, or any other reason deemed sufficient.

                                      Cosplay Judges

FBC Cosplay Director

My name is Bryanna Frash. I have been into sewing and cosplay for over 12 years-- winning multiple accolades and awards from A and G Ohio, Tsubasa Con, Final Boss Con and more. I'm so greatful to have the opportunity to work with Final Boss Con and to help grow the cosplay, crafting, games and anime communities of the Southern Ohio region, and beyond!  Bryanna will be the Director for the Cosplay Contest for Final Boss Con this year and we hope for the furture. She is extreme knowlegable on the on all aspects of Cosplay and we are happy to know the Cosplay Contest is in good hands. 

Joining her on the Judges Panel and Assisting with the interviewing process will be
Our 3 time Judge Mariah (From Melancholy_boi), 2 time Judge Morgan (From kitsunenightmarket) and new member katwomancosplay. We are extreme honored to have all our judges join us again for another year.

Katwoman Cosplay
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